Silly recycling? – plastic bottles from UK to HK

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    Just come across news item on plastic bottles being collected for recycling in Norwich, UK, being shipped out to Hong Kong, transformed into products, which maybe then sold to the UK!


    Chinese firms are offering UK waste companies about £120 a tonne for plastic bottles, the materials are used to make things such as furnishings, clothes and even plastic bags – which are then sold back to the UK.

    Our plastic bottles sent to Hong Kong

    – hardly seems environmentally sound.


        It’s not exactly stupid when you look at the economics involved in the transport. It takes less fuel per container to ship it accross the ocean than it does to haul the same container accross the UK for reprocessing. Even then, recycling the bottles inside the UK doesn’t mean that we’d be able to use them here. Remember, with all the employee strikes, government interference and taxation, we don’t have any industry left in the UK…. soon won’t have a postal service or train service if the employees don’t sort themselves out!


        Director of the UK’s specialist recycling company

      Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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