SK Ctry Pk Threatened – pls help!

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      At a recent meeting of the Econ.Development Committee of the SK District Council a proposal was tabled for the removal of the barrier to the SK Country Park. The District Councillor who proposed it owns land in a village surrounded by the Country Park but lives (and has a constituency office) in Tseung Kwan O. His reasons: – park residents are greatly inconvenienced by the gate – tourism could be enhanced by easier access to the park! I was the only member of that committee who opposed the proposal, however most government departments who were represented at the meeting presented issues against it. Please read the full article on Explore Sai Kung:  and follow the link at the bottom to the ESK Forum to cast your vote and leave your comments. And PLEASE forward this to all of your friends and colleagues who enjoy the beauty and natural state of SK Country Park. I’ll be submitting all comments to the SKDC. Many thanks! Judy Love-Eastham Publisher, Explore Sai Kung [email protected]


        To all who went to the website and couldn’t vote – many thanks and my apologies. I just realized that…to vote – you must register for the forum (within the forum – please click "to register"). So – please go to:  Click "register" Then go back to: "Development & Infrasture" under "Our Environment & Tourism" And…I really appreciate your personal notes but …’ll have more impact if you, personally, post your comments on that forum. Thanks everyone for moving so quickly on this – I’m very glad to hear that you all understand what an important issue it is! Best, Judy

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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