Snow skiing near Hong Kong?

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    A surprise enquiry for HK (emailed):

    Is there any snow skiing near Hong Kong? How far and how would you get there? I live in Colorado am a die hard skier and visitng some friends in HonKong for a retirment party. It would be fun to ski the mountains in China if available.

    I’ve replied:

    Dunno too much, as don’t ski.
    there’s some in ne China, also Korea, Japan

    – any further info, hot advice for cool slopes?


    Rumour has it there is a new cable car that runs from Tung Chung upto Ngong Ping on Lantau, not sure on the snow conditions up there, but expect strong gusty winds. And don’t worry about everyone staring at you.
    On a more serious note, friends of mine ski at the brand new resorts 3 hrs out of Beijing;they say the runs are excellent, all equipment brand new and prices are super cheap, and not too crowded yet…..


    You can forget Taiwan for the moment. The only ski resort here has had minimal snow in the last few years, and the lifts etc are not in the greatest of condition.

    Many other peaks we trek do have snow at times, but it’s a pretty random event. Still very worth visiting – even for a weekend.
    Adventures in Southern Taiwan

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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