Sustainable tourism and Hong Kong harbour

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    Just answered some questions from a univ student, re potential for sustainable tourism along waterfronts of Hong Kong harbour.
    Lest of interest, the questions and my (=Hong Kong Outdoors) answers here. If you’ve comments, I can send to the student, assuming in time for her project.

    1. What is the stand of Hong Kong Outdoors in developing sustainable tourism along the waterfront in Victoria Harbour?

    Good idea, but what does “sustainable tourism” mean here?
    Tourism that benefits local communities, without negative impact on environment – seems tough to really achieve this here, given that may be bias towards larger business interests (sheer costs of land, rental etc causing these); plus places with air-conditioning, sewage, infrastructure, transport – all may have some negative env impacts.
    Can try for some sort of sustainable, but surely won’t fully achieve. (Indeed, is it ever possible?)

    2. In your opinions, what are the opportunities and constraints of Victoria Harbour waterfront in developing sustainable tourism?

    Opportunities: famous harbour, that can look great. People like being along waterfronts for relaxation.
    Constraints: crap planning and “developments” to date. Try, say, walking along waterfront from Wanchai to Central.
    Access – on foot – not easy in many places; will this remain the case, or will there be good planning? (perhaps unlikely given past record, and despite the claims/boasts being made of late)

    3. From your prospective, do you think the Planning Study on the Harbour and its Waterfront Areas would be an effective mean to guide sustainable tourism development along the Victoria Harbour? Do you think the study has adequately addressing the needs of the local community as well as the visitors?

    Sorry, don’t know the study.

    4. In addition to Environmental Sustainable Development Strategy for Hong Kong’s Travel and Tourism Industry, what would you recommend for developing sustainable tourism along Victoria Harbour?

    If the strategy’s the one I think, this is way too vague to be of much use; need specifics.
    I’d recommend wide walkways, with trees along them, some parks/shrubberies (like outside the Grand Hyatt, but more, and with better access), encouraging restaurants, cafes, bars alongside – with gardens where can eat/drink, enjoy the views.
    Till lately, only place I knew where you could drink a beer along harbourside on HK Island was McDonald’s, nr Wanchai; seemed crazy to me. (Now, Disco Bay ferry pier top.) Seems pathetic given how much our tourism promotions hinge on the harbour.
    To reach these places: pedestrian access from good transport points, such as MTR stations and ferry piers. Walkways shaded, especially by trees.
    Low-rise along harbourside, allowing for views.
    More cleanups of water.
    As soon as possible: dragon boat race, along harbourside. As major international event.

    5. What do you think would be an appreciate theme in developing sustainable tourism along the Victoria Harbour?

    Pearl of the Orient? [some memories that’s been one of monikers for harbour] Some sort of jewel;

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