Trail running in Hong Kong

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    Some emails re trail running: from Jim: My family and I are moving to HK soon and have been checking websites on outdoor activities. I run mainly and while there are running club sites, I have not found maps or much info on trails one can run. Are most of the hiking trails OK for running? We will be living in Repulse Bay and I was hopeful of being able to run in Tai Tam Park. answer from Charlie Frew: Jim, Plenty of excellent running trails around Repulse Bay and Tai Tam. There are also 2 adventure races that use these tracks: King of the Hills ( and Action Asia. You also have two hills Violet Hill and The Twins which are steep short and sharp and bound to test your hill climbing skills. Best for you to explore your own limits and see which trails suit your style (steps, concrete, trail, streams, etc). Like most trails they will be quite busy during the weekends, but go earlier enough and you’ll be the only one. Expect to be able to run for 3-4 hrs without crossing the same route, and buy yourself a map when you are out here as all trails are clearly shown. Charlie Frew to which I added just: map in govt Countryside Series (Murray Building has govt publications office, if you can’t find in shops)

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