Tunnel may thwart mega bridge plans – hooray!

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    A RACE has begun to cross southern China’s bustling Pearl River delta, between one of the world’s longest and most costly bridges – at about $10 billion – and a similarly ambitious tunnel. The winner will be determined by the State Council that rules China. … The original project was to be a 36km bridge connecting Hong Kong with Macau, fast emerging as the Las Vegas of Asia, and its neighbouring Chinese metropolis Zhuhai. …

    But yesterday, Hong Kong’s South China Morning Post revealed that the government of China’s Guangdong province had just endorsed a plan for a tunnel from Shenzhen, the giant industrial city bordering Hong Kong on the thriving east side of the delta, to Zhongshan, to boost development on the west side. The tunnel would be cheaper and politically more straightforward since it would remain entirely within the province — whereas Hong Kong and Macau each enjoy autonomy as special administrative regions of China.


    – If there’s no Hong Kong Zhuhai Macau Bridge, maybe it will be less likely there will be a slew of other hideous projects devastaing the north coast of Lantau.


    S China Morning Post had item today saying the govt reckons the tunnel won’t stop the Bloody Big Bridge.
    Also Jake vd K suggesting Shenzhen may have suggested the tunnel as attempt to scupper bridge plans, as maybe will reduce some revenues for Shenzhen.

    Seems a situation of One Country, Many Governments!

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    Just heard Ming Pao article yesterday said bridge to definitely start next year. Mind you, was to start end of last year, early this year. Well advanced Zhuhai side, though.

    – also relevant to bridge: South China Morning Post today reported on Macau currently having problems obtaining enough freshwater. The Bloody Big Bridge is largely aimed at helping Zhuhai develop; so water woes will only increase. How sustainable is this?!

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