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    Here's a new forum, with self-explanatory title. Just to note that, right now, I've limited maximum image size: to 100 KB, with max width or height of 600 pixels. (Just in case get a lot of photos, and start filling the website space.)

    Much later note: this forum hasn't attracted much use, and not sure if uploading still works ok. But the members' photo gallery is still working just fine. If you have photos you would like to show the world, please contact me and I can set you up with a gallery album.

    Hope you find this size limit ok. Editing software can help trim images to this size. I find that if save with medium jpeg quality (setting 5-6 with Photoshop Elements), images still look good on screen. (You could also create your own avatar this way – these should be 70×70 pixels.) And please keep to photos taken in Hong Kong, especially in the greener, wilder places.

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