Where to buy camping tarp?

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    I know there’s camping shops around in mong kok but last time i was there i didnt see any tarps. well to be honest i wasnt looking for tarps at the time so i may have missed them. anyways im in shenzhen atm and will be going to hong kong soon and would like to buy a tarp while im there.

    If anyone knows where i can buy a tarp it would be great, and any opinions on what kind of material i should buy would be much appreciated. Im thinking silicone nylon since ill be backpacking for a long time but its really expensive o.O

    thanks in advance


      Try RC Oufitters in Mongkok and Causeway Bay. They have some basic nylon tarp 7’X7′ ~$150.


        Decathlon in Shenzhen has tarps. They are simple rectangle tarps. You can check them out on the decathlon website.

      Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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