World travelers keener on hiking and biking?

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    From a survey involving 4000 travelers:

    NEEDHAM, Mass., October 25, 2006 – TripAdvisorâ„¢, the largest travel community in the world, today announced the results of its annual travel trends survey of nearly 4,000 travelers, globally.

    Pining for Pine Trees: Forty-three percent of travelers are likely to go hiking, up from 24 percent one year ago, and 39 percent intend to partake in adventure activities (such as parasailing and whitewater rafting), up from 29 percent last year. [hmm, seems high compared to actual travelers, but still perhaps of interest] More women than men plan to participate in outdoor activities in 2007 according to the survey.

    [Seems odd to me that folk will hike, yet on paranoid side re hygiene.

    Going Green: Thirteen percent of travelers are likely to use a bicycle as a means of transportation for their next vacation, eleven percent will go sailing and four percent will ride in a rickshaw.

    Not one Asian destination among the top ten hot world destinations for 2007 (more evidence that should take the survey with pinch of salt, Ayr in Scotland is among the places).
    www dot tripadvisor dot com/pages/press_news_102506.html
    [haven’t given full address as tripadvisor annoys me; has blank pages for a host of places, claiming to give info but with nothing, and ranking pretty well in google]


    “Not one Asian destination among the top ten hot world destinations for 2007 (more evidence that should take the survey with pinch of salt”

    …and often when Asian destinations DO make the top ten (or the top ten Asian destinations) there is one often missing – Taiwan.

    Taiwan has a wealth of stuff to do, especially on foot and bike, but somehow get squeezed of the map…I wonder why? Neighbors? Bad promotion?
    Adventures in Southern Taiwan


    Only shortly before Barking Deer’s post, I saw Nov/Dec 2006 Action Asia, with article on climbing mountains in Taiwan. Mentioned that island had pushed itself as industrial place.

    So, notions of it being Formosa – the beautiful island – almost lost to history, or known to too few people.

    Hong Kong likewise has much to offer in outdoors, albeit not so spectacular as Taiwan. Yet here too – as I’ve often argued, inc on this site – an image problem: selling HK as “world city” (Meaning? Can anyone explain?) is not likely to encourage visitors who like to hike, watch wildlife, kayak and so on. But, a tough image to shake off; even showing HK is many-splendoured not at all easy.
    Heck, I’ve even seen Hong Kong referred to as “the island” as if Kowloon and the New Territories didn’t exist. Worse still, once had a letter addressed to “Hong Kong, Japan”. (It came from … …. the US)

    One difference between Taiwan and Hong Kong, I think: in Taiwan, maybe local people mostly familiar with the island’s scenery, and even wildlife. In Hong Kong, even after SARS (which sent people out of the malls and into open places), still perhaps too few local people really know this place.


    I nearly transferred to Taiwan a few years ago, and was really looking forward to it.
    Everything familiar to a HongKonger but sooo much bigger and better.

    Your right about locals not knowing their city. My first Cantonese girlfriend had never been to ClearWaterBay (where I lived), and she was 18. After a few years camping/hiking with me, she was the expert on HK amongst her friends.
    Even my Tai Long Wan Guru (the shopkeeper) from years ago, knew only his small patch of the woods. Sai Kung town once a week and Central once a year.
    For 400km2 that’s pretty scary.

    Ahh, I still dream of Taiwan, so much more to explore.

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