Wu Kau Tang to Lai Chi Wo

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    Had a day off so thought I would do a snorkelling recon. out to the marine reserves in Plover Cove. I wanted the fastest, easiest route to the best snorkelling site. Let me start by saying the walk was very good, flat and filled with things to see. The only other time I’ve done this particular walk was 21yrs. ago. Minibuses from Tai Po market run approx every 1 1/2 – 2 hrs. from 08:15 till 19:15. I caught the 10:25 (by going to Tai Mei Tuk and waiting in hope), and returned on the 16:45 (deciding to forgo the 15:15 during my packed lunch). Wu Kau Tang valley itself has constant Muntjac barking, from every direction, and warrants a day’s rambling in itself. The path through Lai Tau Shek is I think the place you can see the furthest without seeing a building in any direction. Very good walking. There is a valley/stream on the walk that would be of interest to birders. You’ll know it when the path dips into a forested ravine and all you hear is birdsong. The first stop of Sam A Wan is missable, and I moved on through to Lai Chi Wo. On this section I heard the strangest birdsong I have ever heard, and although caught a brief glimpse. Cannot even begin to identify. Birders should definately be interested in the paddyfields in this area. The fishponds just before Lai Chi Wo (over the stream running alongside the path) would be prime territory for naturalists. I’m already planning a day out there. Then round the corner to the first potential snorkelling spot. It’s OK. I’m sure this spot is worth a day’s snorkelling. Unfortunately (though I ws equipped) I was time restricted and had more exploring to do. Lai Chi Wo itself is well maintained by the Country Parks Authority. Mangrove and Fung Shui Woddland walks, with info. boards. Shame that a very good family walk is inaccesible to the very young. It takes around 2 hrs. to get there. On the way back nearly stepped on a huge snake. see if you can identify it from my other post. Then back to Sam A Wan. Took a rest at the Pier. Where a fit bikini-clad girl was taking a swim. I thought I was suffering from sunstroke and took a seat. I was glad I did, this previously overlooked pier is and excellent snorkelling and swimming site. Took the easier Sam A Chung path back, (less uphill, worse path = same time, less sweat). Remember that Wu Kau Tang is about 100m up. Wonderful coves around Sam A Chung, and I saw a Mongoose at the campsite. then an easy walk back to Wu Kau Tang. Drink at the village, bus back.


    The times for minibuses were read off the bus-stop at Wu Kau Tang. They represent the arrival time at that end. I wrote what I could remember and take no responsibility. Sorry. Next time I’ll know I’ll post and take notes (I’ve been a lone walker for 23yrs. old habits die hard)
    The notice did say that the bus schedule gets better on the weekends and public holidays, buts that all it said.


    Been meaning to add for a while:
    Thanks again for this info; yes, excellent area for hiking.

    Looking for other info, just come across email inc this:

    there are two hostels in Sam A Tsuen , please call 97898295/26799511,Mr.Tsang.

    – which was main info I wanted to add. Stayed at Mr Tsang’s hostel for a night last summer: a wonderful spot.

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