HK Great Outdoors map

Here’s a map with clickable links to info on some of the best places in wild Hong Kong, several of which were featured in Hong Kong’s Great Outdoors  (copies no longer available).

Cheung Chauhong kong islandbig wave baypo toi islandtung lung chauchi ma wanpeng chaumui wosunset peakpui ocheung shasoko islandssouthwest lantautai ongong pinglantau islandchinese white dolphinlamma islandpokfulam reservoirblack kite roostjardine's lookout mount butlervictoria peakkowloon parkinner deep baymai po marsheshong kong wetland parklong valleyluk kengbride's pool and mirror poolkadoorie farmtai mo shanshing mun reservoirng tung chaitai po kau forest reservesha lo tungtai mei tukshuen wanhoi ha wansharp peaktai long wan sai kunghigh island reservoirpak a sha kiusai kungma on shansham chungcheung sheunglion rockbluff islanddragon's back shek onew territoriesninepinstung ping chau

Hong Kong’s Great Outdoors – info briefly introduces Hong Kong beyond the city, with some advice on clothing, weather etc.

If you have questions, comments, suggestions for further info and links, please post in the books, maps and videos forum.  

I helped created= Hong Kong’s Great Outdoors, which was a printed map published by the Hong Kong Coalition on Sustainable Tourism, with support from the Business Environment Council, Kowloon Canton Railway Corporation and Kowloon Motor Bus.

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