Nam Sang Wai (南生圍) in Deep Bay wetland

nam sang wai thumbNam Sang Wai is part of the Deep Bay wetland.

Nam Sang Wai is part of the Deep Bay wetland.

Lying to the west of Mai Po Marshes, Nam Sang Wai is between two rivers – Shan Pui River and Kam Tin River – that flow to Deep Bay – with their confluence immediately south of the area, and overlooked from beside the narrow road here.

nam shang wai

There are tidal mudflats at the confluence of the rivers, and this can be an excellent place for birdwatching from autumn to spring. Gulls, ducks, egrets and shorebirds are among the waterbirds to be seen; this is also a good spot for seeing the globally endangered Black-faced Spoonbill.

Southwest of this vantage, the road passes abandoned shrimp ponds and fish ponds within Nam Sang Wai. These have a somewhat forlorn, abandoned air – surely as Henderson Land has bought the area, with no interest in the location itself but instead intent on a profitable development (well, that’s what developers do, right?!)

nam sang wai egrets

The pools attract some birds; and a winter roost of Great Cormorants has been established in trees here during recent years, with over 2000 birds gathering. [These are egrets in a tree; cormorants are black.]

nam sang wai reflections

Especially near the end of the road, at the southwest of Nam Sang Wai, the pools and trees are wonderfully picturesque.

nam sang wai trees

A path leads through a corridor of eucalyptus trees.

nam sang wai view

Nam Sang Wai has become very popular with photographers – including for wedding shoots, for couples set in idyllic looking rural scenes.

Yet with plans by Henderson Land, Nam Sang Wai is not idyllic, but something of a battleground between the developer and conservationists – with a coalition of green groups arguing Henderson should not proceed with plans for a large housing development (which is to be combined with a wetland reserve on part of the area).
Henderson had in 1994 received permission for development; yet did not commence a project, and lost the permission in December 2010 (hooray!): yet to see Henderson’s next move.

Getting there

Nam Sang Wai is a curious spot to get to; the road is reached by a small junction along the eastbound lane of Castle Peak Road, just after a flyover. There’s a map – indicating access by 76K bus from Yuen Long – at Wetland Ecotour – Nam Sang Wai.

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