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Dragon’s Back outings

shek o peak view

Perhaps the finest short hike in Hong Kong runs up and along the ridge known as Dragon’s Back, which forms the spine of the southeast headland of Hong Kong Island. Coupled with a visit to the eccentric coastal village of…

Tai Long Wan outings

tai long wan hikers

Though it takes some effort to reach, Tai Long Wan (Big Wave Bay) on the eastern Sai Kung Peninsula is set in perhaps the most beautiful scenery in Hong Kong. There are three beaches between headlands that sweep up to…

Shing Mun outings

shing mun forest

Though Shing Mun Reservoir is close to a densely packed residential district northwest of Kowloon, just a few minutes’ walk leads you well away from the city, and soon you are in a deep forested valley, with the reservoir beside…