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Cheung Chau PhotoExplorer

On the Cheung Chau PhotoExplorer, resident and expert photographer Martin Williams will guide you around the village, along coastal trails, and to side trails even few locals know.

Cheung Chau outings

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Though just three kilometres (1.8 miles) long, Cheung Chau boasts plenty of variety for visitors. In the middle is an easy–going village, with few buildings higher than three storeys, narrow streets, and no cars except the scarcely seen police car.…

Cheung Chau (長洲)


cheung chau beachCheung Chau (長洲) looks tiny on a map yet boasts plenty to see and do in a day.

Renting bikes in Hong Kong

I've tried renting bikes for riding around in Hong Kong and been well impressed with the quality of the bikes, and the rental charges.

Hong Kong Ferries

Ferry companies serving islands in Hong Kong. (And of course there’s the Star Ferry Company, though that mainly shuttles between Kowloon and Hong Kong Island. Plus the Discovery Bay Transportation Services routes serving the suburb across the water, Discovery Bay…