Places and Trails New Territories

Shalotung – haven in the New Territories hills

Head into the hills from near Tai Po Market, taking a narrow road from the fringe of the industrial estate, and it’s almost as if you’re leaving 21st century Hong Kong behind. The road climbs through woodland, curls to the…

Hoi Ha Wan and Pak Sha O

Hoi Ha Wan - "Bay Beneath the Sea" - cn be wonderfully serene, while Pak Sha O is a traditional Hakka village, in a nearby wooded valley.

Sham Chung – curiouser and curiouser

With its traditional hamlets, old woods, setting in a basin ringed by hills within Sai Kung Country Park, Sham Chung should be one of the jewels in the crown of wild Hong Kong. Instead, it has suffered environmental vandalism, and…