Reply To: Hong Kong Disneyland shark fin soup controversy


I can NOT believe that even Disney (whom I don’t respect anyway) would stoop so low as to put something on their menu that involves catching endangered sharks, slicing off their fins and chucking them back in again to starve to death (they can’t swim or hunt) I live in DB, and Disneyland is being built right across the water from where I live, ruining the view. Disney has built its great “kingdom” on reclaimed land, where endangered pink dlophins are rumoured to hunt. Disney also plans to have fireworks every night, which will be noisy and send all kinds of fumes into the air, no doubt harming a few birds along the way, as they’ll be forced to breathe in polluted air… it is evident that Disney, despite its claims, does not care at all for nature, whether trees, birds, dolphins or sharks. Is Disneyland worth 5 billion dollars if all it does is to destroy HK’s environment? PS. How did I find this website? I have to write an essay for school on some food-related concern, decided on Shark’s Fin Soup, typed “shark fin soup wrong” into Google, and found this site. I am glad I did because now I know just how incredibly cruel and cold-hearted this supposedly fun, friendly company is. DISNEYLAND IS BEING BUILT IN HONG KONG. PEOPLE IN HONG KONG SHOULD HAVE A SAY IN WHAT IT DOES!!! SPEAK OUT, EVERYBODY OUT THERE!!!