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Wang Chau, Basalt Island and Bluff Island

The Ung Kong group of islands is a cluster of three islands – Wang Chau, Basalt Island and Bluff Island, lying off the southeast tip of the Sai Kung Peninsula.             They’re made of the same tuff that occurs from the…

Sharp Island in Hong Kong’s smallest country park

Sharp Island (Kiu Tsui Chau) is the dominant member of Hong Kong’s smallest island country park, which also includes seven islets off its northeast and northwest coasts. As the name suggests, the island is indeed angular. The interior is a…

Port Island – Chek Chau – and its Ruddy Rocks

Port Island lies at the mouth of Tolo Channel. Its Chinese name, Chek Chau, means Red [Ruddy?] Island, after the mainly reddish hued rocks. These reddish rocks are sedimentary, and though just 1 kilometre long, and rising to 131 metres,…

Tung Ping Chau the Best Flat Island in the World


Look at a map of Hong Kong, and in the northeast corner you should just see Tung Ping Chau – “East Flat Island”, the furthest-flung land in Hong Kong. Look at a map of Hong Kong, and in the northeast…

Lamma Island

Lamma lies just west of Hong Kong Island, and offers a great contrast to the city. Lying just west of Hong Kong Island, Lamma Island (南丫島) has a reputation as a hippie haven. This image is perhaps outdated, but Lamma…

Cheung Chau (長洲)


cheung chau beachCheung Chau (長洲) looks tiny on a map yet boasts plenty to see and do in a day.

Po Toi (蒲台島)


po toi viewPo Toi (蒲台島) offers fine hiking, excellent coastal scenery, and is a bird migration hotspot.