Reply To: Central Ridge and West (!) – further info


Looking through Central Ridge and West, a few errors are apparent (sadly, I didn’t have chance to check text during production).


p157: a “Grey Treepie” photo actually shows an Azure-winged Magpie.
There’s an introduced note saying “The uplands are good places to observe migratory species, such as Grey-faced Buzzard, Brown Shrike, Blue Rock Thrush and Asian Brown Flycatcher.” This is not true; the uplands are, overall, v poor for observing migrants. Blue Rock Thrush indeed occurs – it’s a bird of open country with boulders, though can also be seen along coasts here. However, Grey-faced Buzzard, Brown Shrike and Asian Brown Flycatcher are all best seen at lower elevations – including on islands such as Po Toi.
Some high woods do attract migratory forest birds – as along Kap Lung Forest Trail, and at Ng Tung Chai; seem better for seeing some local rarities such as Siberian Thrush than lower elevation places.