Reply To: mini getaway weekend in hong kong


I reckon would have to go at fair clip to make circuit in an hour: military yomp?!
Maybe two hours, even four hours if leisurely.

Worth having a look along some of the side trails, to abandoned hamlets w ruined houses among trees.
Yes, good corals by HK standards, tho no real reefs. Can just walk into water off beaches to north of ferry pier, then snorkel.

I like the place in hamlet north of pier, for food and maybe overnight stay (v rustic!). Called Ping Chau Store I think; I should have tel somewhere around.
There’s shower, too – useful if swim/snorkel. Dinner can include some local seafood, such as urchins, which abound and bit of a pest perhaps, maybe devouring too much algae.

That camp may well be the place that’s now ready as shelter for nuclear fallout (!) – lest an accident at Daya Bay plant, which not far away.

Not so daunting now; can take the ferry from Ma Liu Shui near Univ; I think Saturday best, as gets busy on Sundays: a popular place now, inc voted most beautiful spot in HK in AFCD poll.
I don’t think it is most beautiful; but a lovely place, and quite a contrast to elsewhere in HK, inc for the mudstones that led to landscape making it “ping” – level island.

Article on this site re the island:
Tung Ping Chau