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March 6, 2011: Second Hiking trip with my friends where we got lost out of the main trail. Somewhere in the trail, i saw a lady who comes out from the narrow path. Trying to get more adventure by that time, enjoying the hike, i decided to follow the path from where the (probably british or american ) lady came out. Ha ha, honestly, i'm about to get nervous when we just kept on going and seems no one else going that way, we met a chinese couple along the and asked them if we are on a right track (thanks for my little cantonese knowledge).

After half an hour, still we are following a narrow path. We stopped after 30 more minutes, tried to get the gps from my phone but couldnt get it. Then we decided to go back to the main trail where we started for we got worried we might get caught by dark in that way. That's when we met this chinese guy who guide us our way out. 45 minutes more and we came to this top of mountain where the stone mark says it's the highest peak in that trail.

We were told seldom hikers used that way because of the steep way down on the side of the mountain. Truly, not an easy climb and back down that way. My ass kissed the ground twice and hurt my palm for grabbing something to hold on to avoid myself from falling down. (haha, clumsy me )

When we got out of that path, we pass down to a cemetery back to Chaiwan area.