In researching article, I've read various materials on biodiversity; mostly very very bad, and – as one report says – this poor communication is part of reason biodiversity is in such a grim state [though a report in the Economist is optimistic; hmmm]

Some of best info I've found on communicating the issues is here:

success lies in understanding the communications formula that turns science into action.

Bringing science to life

Communication, Education and Public Awareness is fundamental to persuading decision makers and the global public to take action on conservation. Biodiversity science provides the foundations of our understanding, and is an essential provision for policy making. However it rarely succeeds in inspiring public action on its own.

In part this is because it is a complex topic, and is simply hard to understand for many people.

It also comes down to human nature. most people are not rational, and don’t make daily decisions based on logical scientific analysis. Instead they are motivated by a mixture of emotion, habit and social norms. It is how biodiversity makes them feel, not think, that leads them to act.

Biodiversity is the world’s most elaborate scientific concept, but also, potentially, its greatest story. love of nature for most people is about awe, wonder and joy; not habitats, ecosystem services or extinction.

– in Communicating Biodiversity, from the IUCN.

A website on biodiversity for London looks good; but from 2007, and leads to supposed wiidweb, about where to see wildlife in London.

For some reason, the latter has been down for around 2 years or more…

So not just HK that hasn't managed good job with biodiversity website.

Biodiversity is at once of massive importance; yet treated as trivial. Go figure.

Hong Kong Biodiversity Action Facebook page is hardly going great guns; remember that if you want to be admin, need to Like the page or [less popular! be FB friend of me or another full admin]  https://www.facebook.com/hkbiodiversityaction

34 likes; so just another 7 million people to somehow engage in BSAP process…