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Severe weather events to increase inc China

Some places mentioning China in latest IPCC report, Managing the Risks of Extreme Events and Disasters to Advance Climate Change Adaptation: Special Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. Found using simple keyword search for China; not so many mentions of weather trends as I'd expected:

Climate change denier Jason Ali blinded by ideology

A letter I sent SCM Post re climate change denier Jason Ali was published today.
Here's the version I sent:

It is odd to see letters from born-again climate change denier Jason Ali. He rails against "ideological nonsense", yet his latest letter ("We must focus on pollution") indicates it is Mr Ali who has become blinded by ideology, albeit of a right-wing kind.

"We're Screwed" yells US tabloid, as climate collapses

A recent 'New York Post' takes on climate change in true tabloid style, from the screaming headline, local politics and bad puns, to celebrity gossip and sports news. It may not be 'the real thing' but the climate facts here are truly mind-boggling.

Check it out:

(and some of the threaded follow-ups are as good as the original articles)

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China food security threatened by global warming

From Greenpeace China:

Beijing, China — China will lose its self sufficiency in food production as early as 2030 because of climate change, warns a new report by Greenpeace released today on the eve of World Food Day 2008. This disaster can only be averted if the government takes immediate action to cut its greenhouse gas emissions and adopt policies encouraging more climate-friendly ecological agriculture.

HKU Climate Workshop

Back from Day 2 (of 2) of the workshop at the University of Hong Kong - and, for me, a marked improvement on yesterday afternoon, when I thought we mostly got lost in the models.

Some good info today; inc on actual impacts - such as on ecosystems; also guff from the past, and info on changing climate in Hong Kong.