Dioxins etc from a modern incinerator

Brussels, 28/11/18
Zero Waste Europe released today a new case study on the Reststoffen Energie Centrale (REC) in the Netherlands, revealing how even state of the art incinerators emit dangerous pollutants far beyond EU toxic emissions limits.
The study run by ToxicoWatch [1] shows emissions of dioxin, furans and persistent toxic pollutants in breach of EU air pollution limits. These excess emissions are not exceptional, and rather constitute a regular feature for the plant.

Bad Science and Hong Kong’ Rubbish Strategy

There has been considerable brouhaha over Hong Kong’s waste strategy, especially plans to expand three landfills plus build an incinerator on an artificial island by Shek Kwu Chau – which passed two votes in the Legislative Council, but were then delayed, with the Finance Committee now set to vote on the plans in autumn.

Have Shek Kwu Chau incinerator contracts been signed

Excellent letter in today's S China Morning Post:

Landfills won't solve HK's waste problem
I refer to the letter by Edmund Chen ("Incinerator seems sound option for HK", February 10).
I agree that the expansion of landfills (to handle Hong Kong's waste) should be a non-starter, and that for recycling to be successful it must be made profitable.
Mr Chen states confidently that the Environment Bureau is up to speed on technological developments in waste management in other places.

Hong Kong needs can-do attitude to waste treatment

letter to S China Morning Post, appeared on 5 July 2013:

In his letter ("Questioning official figure on solid waste", July 1), Mark Parlett queries the government's figure of 48 per cent for Hong Kong's recycling rate. The figure indeed seems high: based on other government data, it suggests that the vast majority of domestic refuse dumped in landfills is food waste.
Do we really dispose of so little that can be recycled; are the truckloads dumped in landfills so different in composition to the contents of waste bins I see?

SITA problems w incinerators n bribery

I've been told of Mark Venhoek, CEO of SITA - HK govt waste contractor - recently dismissing concerns over Shek Kwu Chau waste incinerator as NIMBYism. Highly insulting to those with genuine concerns.
But, looking around on internet, seems SITA is not a great company to sit in judgment.

Here's a little info, with SITA involved in woeful and even dangerous incinerator practices, and some bribing officials:

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