tropical storm

Tropical Storm Lionrock nearing Hong Kong

Tropical storm Lionrock is close to Hong Kong, approaching, and strenghening - so might become Typhoon Lionrock.

Somewhat ironic it has name chosen by Hong Kong, and (of all places a storm with this name could have chosen) looks set to affect us.

Currently, sunny and hot in Hong Kong. But radar on HK Observatory site shows the outer rainbands of the storm are nearby, and edging closer.

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Scenes from Cheung Chau, Hong Kong, as Typhoon Koppu approached and passed Hong Kong

Typhoon Koppu passed Hong Kong over 14-15 September 2009; came within around 120km (to southwest) overnight. Major thunderstorm the evening before - see this video. In post below this, there is video from Cheung Chau, on 14th and 15th.

It was very hot on 13 September - to 34.5C on Cheung Chau; after hot few days following Hong Kong's hottest August since 1963. With a tropical storm forming near Luzon, and headed towards Guangdong, seemed thunderstorms were likely. Even so, this storm was remarkably severe - for amounts of lightning, and tremendous thunderclaps. Phew!


Tropical Storm Goni aims for Hong Kong

Note on 8 Aug: Goni still of some interest: it earlier passed us, turned left at coast, weakened, moved to sea again, and now near Hainan, rated tropical storm again by HK Obs.
One forecast - from ECMWF - has it heading our way again, for around 3-4 days time...


There's a new tropical storm - Goni - to the south of Hong Kong, only around 300km away. Formed from a large tropical depression that has proven very hard to forecast: originated east of the Philippines, moved into South China Sea like a giant blob of low pressure w associated cloud, rain.

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Tropical Cyclone Molave aims for Hong Kong

Tropical depression Molave has strengthened to become a typhoon (as I edit at noon on 17 July, around 350km ese of HK), and now on course towards Hong Kong. Looks set to hit early on 18 July.[Note on 19 July: it passed just to north of HK, across Shenzhen.]


Tropical Cyclone Hagupit and Hong Kong

Just seen forecast for Tropical Storm Hagupit; and Joint Typhoon Warning Center track is "interesting" - ie, could become pretty powerful typhoon, and head to somewhere around (or over) Hong Kong.

Edit: indeed proved "interesting" - one of the strongest storms (or the strongest storm) to affect Hong Kong in recent years. Moved west across sea to south of Hong Kong, approaching to within 180km (roghtly the distance as I edit this, with winds at Cheung Chau severe storm force to almost hurricane force; night time, so not good for photos/video). Here's some video I shot this afternoon - winds stengthened quickly from lunchtime; waves built up rapidly too.

Here's some video from Cheung Chau this morning, including winds/rain as eye making landfall around 300km wsw of Hong Kong, and some coastal damage on Cheung Chau:


Severe Tropical Storm Kammuri

kammuri surf

Severe Tropical Storm Kammuri just hit Hong Kong; not direct, but caused gales n storm force winds, and Number 8 signal in force for much of daytime today, 6 August.


I took this yesterday, at Shek O - Kammuri still brewing, and some distance away, but good swell, w surf on rocks.


Severe Tropical Storm Fengshen heads towards Hong Kong

Severe Tropical Storm Fengshen - which had hit Philippines as a typhoon, killing several hundred people (mainly in ferry that sank) - was forecast to head towards Taiwan. But now, looks to be coming roughly straight for Hong Kong. HK Observatory has issued Number Three signal.