HKZM bridge pollution

Here's a letter (by me) to the editor of the South China Morning Post; published on 8 December 2005.

I was interested to see that the map of air quality in the Pearl River Delta on 30 November (SCMP, 1 Dec) showed a zone of relatively clean air over Zhuhai and Macau. This presumably results from Zhuhai and Macau having little industry.

As and when the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge is built, this situation could change dramatically. The bridge is largely aimed at spurring development in Zhuhai - perhaps so it can mirror places along the east shore of the Pearl River Delta. With increased development will come increased air pollution, impacting not only Zhuhai and Macau but also adding to air pollution in Hong Kong.

Given that air pollution in the Pearl River Delta Region is already severe - as I write this, the sky is clear yet the air is grey with smog - perhaps bridge proponents could explain just why Hong Kong should contribute to the project, and so help push our air pollution from very bad to even worse.

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