Reply To: Are you scared of mountain bikers?


With an abundance of mountains and trails, your comments couldn’t be further from the truth. There is plenty of space for both bikers and hikers in the country parks. The issue is the governments continued failure to provide dedicated, maintained trails for bikers, something we have been pushing for for many years now. HK has the potential to be an outstanding centre for mountainbiking with access to trails a stone’s throw from urban centres. Unfortunately, HK’s famously bureaucratic civil service does not have the vision to see this. They also refuse to let bikers maintain trails and will not lift a finger themselves, hence the erosion that occurs on some of the more heavily used paths. I have ridden trails in France, Wales, Thailand and Hawaii and ours compare with the best of them – if only we had genuine support from a government that would rather cover its trails in a carpet of concrete than create world class facilities.