Are you scared of mountain bikers?

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    From HK Mountain BIking Association:

    Dear all outdoors enthusiasts


    Hong Kong’s biking community is growing with more than 12,000 registered bikers, and rising, by an average of 4000 a year. The amount of legal trails on Hong Kong Island, The New Territories and Lantau Island is a mere 150K, with a high percentage of that on concrete country park roads. It is reaching saturation point and it is only set to get worse as more and more people take to riding or hike in the country parks. Something needs to be done, and done soon.


    Over the last twelve months Hong Kong Mountain Bike Association (HKMBA) members have been working tirelessly to make outdoors pursuits in Hong Kong a safer and more pleasurable experience. The HKMBA has been in discussions with governmental departments, mainly the AFCD, in what it considers to be a major concern to park users, the biker/hiker conflict. We are looking at ways to alleviate this problem, but we cannot do it alone. We need your help.


    We have just initiated a "Share the Trails" campaign aimed to highlight the best way that we can all safely and successfully enjoy the country parks. Our "Share the trails" information poster (attached) highlights what hikers and what bikers should do when they encounter each other on the trail.


    This is where we need your help. Please pass this poster on to all who may find it useful, print it out and post it up in hiking shops, schools or anywhere appropriate. By spreading awareness the few incidents that do occur could easily be avoided.


    We want to gather trail users opinions. Your opinions matter.


    How do you think we can avoid incidents in the parks?


    What should bikers do to give a more positive image?


    Do you think The AFCD should open more trails to bikers?


    What trails do you see as congested?


    What have your encounters with bikers been like?


    Are you scared of bikers, and how can we change that opinion?


    We want to open constructive dialogue with other concerned trail users. Tell us what you think and together we can hopefully find a solution that will benefit all.


    Please send us your views and thoughts. Or if you have any questions email: [email protected]

    你可以把問題或意見電郵到︰[email protected]

    We have also been looking at alternative trail options in the parks to alleviate congestion on trails heavily used by bikers and hikers. There are easy solutions to dramatically improve the trail network by using international trail building methods. Bikers could also use abandoned trails that are rarely used by hikers. However our efforts to convince the government on these points have been unsuccessful.


    To learn more about our advocacy efforts go to our website:


    HKMBA is committed to the safe and enjoyable use of our country parks for all users, Mountain Bikes included.




      It would be nice to bike through country parks, but unless proper bike roadways are used with traffic markings and signs and adjacent footpaths with barriers it’s just not feasible in Hong Kong. Sorry.
      As for mountain bikes, NEVER, NEVER should they be allowed off the concrete. In fact I don’t believe they should be in country parks at all. If we cannot ban them completely, then they should require licences obtainable only with a mountain bike association membership card, kept to the absolute minimum number of trails, only on concrete and a low speed limit should be rigidly enforced.
      Hong Kong is just not the place for mountain bikes, just like it’s not the place for an F1 GP. So learn to live with it. Too many people use too few trails as it is. Enough problems are being caused by feet (re: controversy between hikers and government over use of concrete) which can be easily seen on many hill trails. Mountain bike wheels, God forbid.
      The countryside is for people, we just do not have the resources to allow unrestricted use and abuse of any part of Hong Kong.


        With an abundance of mountains and trails, your comments couldn’t be further from the truth. There is plenty of space for both bikers and hikers in the country parks. The issue is the governments continued failure to provide dedicated, maintained trails for bikers, something we have been pushing for for many years now. HK has the potential to be an outstanding centre for mountainbiking with access to trails a stone’s throw from urban centres. Unfortunately, HK’s famously bureaucratic civil service does not have the vision to see this. They also refuse to let bikers maintain trails and will not lift a finger themselves, hence the erosion that occurs on some of the more heavily used paths. I have ridden trails in France, Wales, Thailand and Hawaii and ours compare with the best of them – if only we had genuine support from a government that would rather cover its trails in a carpet of concrete than create world class facilities.

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