Shalotung columbarium plans opposed by most green groups

Shalotung, near Tai Po Market, is one of Hong Kong's loveliest rural areas (see Shalotung superb for scenery, and easy strolling). It's one of the main country park "enclaves" - largely surrounded by country park, but with land that's unprotected.

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Sha Lo Tung

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Abandoned farming area in an upland basin surrounded by country park. Trails pass old villages, through former rice fields reverting to scrub, and past stands of majestic trees below the imposing Pat Sin Leng Range. Fairly easy trails lead north to Hok Tau.

Taxi from KCR East Rail Tai Po Market Station may take you; or bus 75K to stop by Tai Po Industrial Estate, and walk up inconspicuous road behind old Fung Yuen Primary School.

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 Shalotung superb for scenery, and easy strolling