Reply To: Eco-tourism stifled in Hong Kong


Hi Keen:

I very much hope you prove correct, and that we do see some good eco-tourism development in Tai Po/Sai Kung: could be great, and perhaps an example to others.

But we’ve seen some rather dodgy projects proposed/implemented, with degree of “greenwashing”: a six-storey hotel was planned for Tai Long Wan (I talked with architect who said it would be environmentally sound, and got very unhappy when I told him no way; thankfully, hotel not built [yet); then at Sham Chung, seen a supposed organic farm for underprivileged kids (or something like this), which to me seemed little used if at all, even tho had plaque suggesting support from some s China biologists; this “farm” is now about abandoned beside land trashed for golf course that wasn’t used.