Reply To: Tung Ping Chau


Hello Charles,

Yes, there are a lot around during the night … or I’m assuming loud fast boats with no lights whatsoever aren’t going squid fishing …

If you camped at the government site then you wouldn’t have a line of sight to your boat, no. Besides, that part of the coast is rock outcrop so I’m not sure you’d want to keep a boat there .. I’m not sure it’s suitable.

I have seen people camping on the beach to the right of the pier (As you come off the ferry.) You could moor a boat there OK as it’s a gentle sand slope into the sea. However, I think you’d have to take your chances, as I understand you’re not allowed to camp anywhere other than designated areas in there, it being a marine/country park – you might get moved on by the two policeman who do regularly patrol. And you’d have to take your chances with the sand flies.

Depending on the size and security of your boat, why just not moor at the pier? Surely that must be allowed, or I’m sure could be arranged.

If you do go ..could you fit two more in?! It would be a brilliant journey out there!