Reply To: Soko Islands will be harmed by ExxonMobil-CLP LNG terminal


Having read the INSIGHT article, I think his last paragraph he wrote was a little desperate..something along the lines of dolphins breathing the same air as we do, and therefore justification for building the LNG Terminal at the Sokos to reduce air pollution.
There is much more to the Sokos than just dolphins..though as MW said they were the Handover Mascot in 1997 and are Hong Kong’s flagship species.

What we all need to understand, including Dr. Jefferson is the CUMULATIVE Impacts of all these western HK projects that are slowly taking way dolphin habitat, not just looking at the merits of single project EIAs.
The airport, Disneyland, Aviation Facility, Lantau Zuhai Bridge, Container Terminal CT10, Logistics Park, LNG Terminal..the list goes on.
About time this indecisive government started taking these public consultations more seriously and becoming more transparent. CF

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