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there are over 200 members now – that would go a long way in
fighting this battle! come on guys do something for the community –
it will take 2 minutes!!!!


First and foremost THANK YOU all very much for your support

It has become obvious to us that this is a far bigger and more wide
spread problem than we first thought!

Wiith all the mails we have received – to date over 170 – it has
become clear to us that their are enough people out there concerned
over the urbanising of our country parks, that we should continue
with our efforts

i would like to state that in our first email that was sent out we
specifically targeted the AFCD as the culprits for the ruination of
the trails, we have lately learned that this is not nessesarily the
case. other departments such as WSD HAS are far more guilty.

Yes the AFCD have been over zealouss in places (lady Clementi’s to
name one) but overall they do some good work. It seems that they are
not the true gaurdians of our country parks and other departments
can go in there and pretty much do as they please. There seems to be
no guidelines or policy for what work is done, that is something we
would like to address.

You may be familiar with our objectives, but before we approach any
government bodies we would like to have a body of evidence. As it is
the holiday weekend im certain quite a lot of you will be using this
time to escape the claustraphobic confines of the city and head out
into our country parks. Im therefore urging all of you to please
take a camera and help us to gather evidence of poor or unwarranted
trail work – the more information you can provide the better. An
ideal situation would be if you actually have old photos of the
trail before the work was done, this way we can compare and contrast

It neednt be all bad – if you see some work that you consider to be
good please take that too, there is some good work going on out
there and we dont want to discourage it. In fact having photographic
evidence of good trailwork will also work to our advantage!

and finally

Please pass the email onto as many people as possible (without
spamming them) We really want to get the local community involved as
much as possible

Thank you