Reply To: HK weather weirder with warming; hot months etc


I’ve been here nigh on 20 years. Remember when I first arrived, a friend criticised a tv drama (Noble House), which had dowpours leading to apartment block collapse – in November. He said that don’t get such rains in November. Well, today we’ve had rains like early summer: over 100mm in some places; still warm (close to midnight; windows open, yet still in shorts and t-shirts: I’m yet to wear a jumper this autumn). Still thunderstorms around, more rain forecast for tomorrow. Not a tropical storm – I’ve known one such storm bring much rain early one November. And, quite unlike regular November cold fronts, which move through fast, with somewhat chilly, dry air soon following. Just checking Weather Underground forum, and the weather buffs there having some discussion about the storms today – inc noting that we’ve jsut had the first ever amber rainstorm in November.