Reply To: HK weather weirder with warming; hot months etc


Sitting in shorts n t-shirt as I write this, at nearly 10.30pm on a February evening (a window open too; about unthinkable when I first arrived here 20 years ago), not surprising to read this has been Hong Kong’s warmest Chinese New Year on record:

Hong Kong has enjoyed its warmest Lunar New Year on record with temperatures on the first day of the Year of the Pig climbing above 25 degrees Celsius, weathermen said Monday.

The temperature on Sunday afternoon in the territory of 6.8 million hit 25.3 degrees Celsius, breaking the previous record of 24.6 degrees Celsius set in 1982, the Hong Kong Observatory said.
… global warming has seen winter temperatures climb in recent years along with the arrival of a number of species of migratory birds which normally spend winter further south.

Hong Kong basks in its warmest Lunar New Year on record