Reply To: Wetland Park the env equivalent of Cyberport?


I went last weekend.

Its a nice resource for locals who want to take their kids out. The exhibitions in the main building are good, but the outside environment is lame in comparison to Mai Po (incidentally is that open again – for the HK$100 advance bookers?)

Didn’t see many birds on the mudflats. There was one area that had a few birds, with some prissy twitchers who ‘ssshhhed’ toddlers who made noise. Really, if youre a serious birdwatcher, then you’re daft to go to a family-oriented attraction and expect silence

Incidentally, if the attraction cost HK$500,000, i’m a [snipped out, by Martin the PC policeman!]. It cost a hell of a lot more than that to build !!!!!
– oops, that should be HK$500 million! [Martin]

I bought a copy of Martin’s book yesterday.

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