Reply To: I’ll introduce myself – waterfall pools explorers wanted


There are two similar to your description. And another that overlooks the reservoir, which might have an outside chance of being the one.
One of the two is situated along the access road between Shek Pik and Fan Lau. I haven’t been their in years due to it’s isolation even for Lantau residents. So I’m assuming the one you mean is the river at the junction of Tung Chung and Lantau roads (on Cheung Sha Beach).
You can access these popular falls either from the beach, the junction (path through the bushes) or the first bridge up Tung Chung Road and walk downstream.
Either way will get you and your indoor orientated girlfriend at the falls in around 10mins. Without breaking a sweat.
(quick point – Someone usually judges my route by how easily they can get their better half to the location, this location is the easiest. Although the pools themselves are good, for a bit more work you can get better)
As kids we used to jump off the large boulder at the NE (and called this location ‘Black Rock’ – until we discovered Ma On Shan’s huge black cliff-face).
We used to love this one for it’s convience to one of HK’s best beaches, (a party could easily split between the two all day), and great eating and drinking afterwards at either end of Chung Sha Beach. Many of my schoolfriends will never forget this location (wink,wink)
I don’t go there as often these days, no longer being a student means Lantau is restricted to weekends (uugghgh! – especially after we enjoyed mid-weeks there). And becoming a rock-pool affecianado means I know of better pools that are closer.