Reply To: I’ll introduce myself – waterfall pools explorers wanted


I’m waiting for the summer monsoon to end (which may have just arrived), then allow 1-2weeks for the water to clear.
Then I’m off.
I work freelance so I can get away mid-week occasionally. But will consider weekend hikes if the location isn’t a popular one.
My first will probably be a summer celebration at Siu Sai Wan Beach, Sai Kung. Great rockpool, great beach and a cafe nearby.
Then the next week I’ll be off to find a suspected pool in the upper reaches of the same river. There is a good isolated pool nearby with great jumps and black depths (even with mask) nearby so there will be no dissapointments. Although I’ll be coming at it from above and there may be no safe route down to the sure-thing. But it’ll only be a 15/20 min uphill back to the path.
And the week after that I want to try a hidden valley in Plover Cove with a faunal secret, to see the pothole jump again. There have been arguments about the sanity of doing it. But mainly to get acroos the pool which stopped us last time and see if the route from the top is easier.
As we get closer to the time, let us know if your still interested.