Reply To: Open High Island Reservoir Road to cyclists?


I cycle and I know High Island well. Indeed I live near Plover Cove and often cycle this route. They have recently barred access to the last winding part.
Many people have covetted the High Island road for many different purposes. Rally cars, cyclists, motorbike racing. I have heard how the course is perfect for almost everyones favourite activity.
I consider them all suicidal.
The road would need to be closed off. Probably at weekends, when these activities take place. Restricting access to a large section of Hong Kongs best country park. Car and Bike racing is unsuitable at the level that exists in asia. just too dangerous on this road.
Currently the road allows public transport, any cyclist on this winding route is a dead man. Anyone without cycling expererience wouldn’t last 10mins.
Taxi’s love the long route, and most love their cars. they race this route for fun, especially at night. Hikers see and hear them coming, cyclists may be concentrating on something else.
If we stop the public transport and go back to what we had previously, then the delivery truck for villagers would still need access. Much safer. Instead of hundreds of deaths a year, we would have one or two.
Plover Cove is a straight and open road which is barred to all forms of traffic. Government vehicles only.

Believe me I covet that High Island road more than most. It is spectacular, and I would love to ride it. But I just cannot see a way of making access freely available safely.