Reply To: Stormy autumn 2007 to come?


Out and about on Cheung Chau earlier today, and a very windy day.
Partly northeast monsoon, but also severe tropical storm Lekima around southsouthwest of us, trundling towards Hainan.

Looking at HK observatory info for various weather stations, can see that winds generally strengthened this morning. At Cheung Chau, sometimes averaging (over 10 mins) more than 60 km/h – so just reaching gale force. At Ngong Ping, sometimes over hurricane force (average of 118 km/h), with peak for 10-min average reaching 140 km/h around 6am.

Over at Weather Underground forum, some discussion re this: why just Strong Monsoon Signal issued, when winds well within range for T3 signal, and in places reaching gales, ie Number 8? Notions there that nowadays, the Obs doesn’t like issuing typhoon/trop storm wind signals; also wondering if people might be too relaxed re weather with only a monsoon signal in place.
Well, let’s see – will it turn out that numbers of people have been out doing stuff they wouldn’t have done had T3 been issued, then had some problems? Also, if Lekima comes closer – and especially if get rain bands with squalls coming nearer – can see if Obs switches to T3.