I live in the area, and know it well.
This particular area has already beeen ruined by human activity and a previous attempt at beach making. As long as they keep their greasy hands off the nearby mangroves (which they are – at least in this plan) they are welcome to do what they want with this small bay. At least ecologically wise.
Of more importance is the oversight of monies given for what is in effect a small group of shopholders and villagers. Said peoples are determinedly scratching a tourist buck out of what should be no more than a stop off point for the Plovercove hinterland. I understand that the shops and restaurants, even the marina’s and watersports centres are popular but I don’t see why the Government should pay for the beach.
If these businesses believe that people will flock to the rocky mud and boat oil for a swim, well that’s their opinion. But I don’t see why we need to pay for it.
Should the Government be of the opinion that this area needs beautification, well then, good on them. But again it’s a bit tiresome always having Government money given to local businesses, over the interests of Hong Kong as a whole.
But then again it’s only 100m of beach in an already dirty area, so let them play amongst themselves.