Reply To: Airborne particulates in Hong Kong – health risks


    ever heard of an agglomerator ?
    well the technology is there and clear views and no s–t in your lungs are readily available if the local power companies are forced by EPD to install it
    it is in their hands
    set th ePM2.5 levels to US EPA standards and the power companies will fit it
    they wil have to

    look up Indigo agglomerator on Google

    CLP is trying one now at Castle Peak
    It needs 16 to cover all its eight boilers at Castle Peak
    Percentage wise HK Electric is a far bigger polluter than CLP that has a larger gas and nuclear fuel mix
    HK Electric are not even considering the technology
    They should be forced to by the AQOs that EPD issues

    what would it cost for clear air?
    well 10 day’s coal bill for CLP would cover the cost of another 15 agglomerators

    what do they do?
    they charge the ultrafine particles so that they ‘stick’ to the larger PM10 particles that the electrostatic precipitators in the chimney stacks catch (soot catchers)
    the power companies say they catch 99% of particulates Gee
    they cannot catch the PM2.5 that kills people and causes our low visibility and adds to the HKG haze
    and that 1% is thousands of tonnes into our air and straight into your lungs since your nose and throat hairs cannot stop them

    so for a few bucks Exxon Mobil and Li Ka Shing can clear our air, and EPD has the power to make them do it by just issuing one AQO standard they must meet – PM2.5
    the agglomerators reduce the fine particulates issued from the power generation stacks by between 70% and 90%
    use the technology