Reply To: Oct 08 petition re air pollution


I’ve received this standard reply from govt:

Dear Sir/Madam

The Environmental Protection Department has commissioned in mid 2007 an 18-month comprehensive study to review Hong Kong’s Air Quality Objectives (AQO) and develop a long-term air quality management strategy.

The study has examined the latest findings on review of air quality standards by the World Health Organisation, the European Union and the United States. It will also consider factors including protection of public health, cost effectiveness, society’s expectation, maturity of the technologies needed, the need to work with the Mainland as well as impacts on other policy areas such as energy, transportation, industrial development, urban planning and conservation for devising a new set of AQO and a long-term air quality management strategy and measures for Hong Kong.

The Government intends to announce the preliminary recommendations in early 2009, to be followed by a comprehensive public engagement exercise, to work out a long-term air quality management strategy within 2009.

Thank you for your concern about the environment.