Reply To: CLP wind farm to impact southeast Hong Kong


Association of Geoconservation, Hong Kong (AGHK)strongly object against CLP proposed offshore wind farm in Sai Kung, our comments are as follows:

1. The proposed project is located at the heart of the Sai Kung Caldera, a large volcanic depression created 140 million years ago which signifies the end of the last volcanic episodes in Hong Kong. This will permanently destroy our invaluable geological heritage – the home of the world largest and most extensively covered hexagonal columns. Its uniqueness and rarity are incomparable with other parts of the world;
2. The turbine clusters, located less than 5km east of Ninepin Group and south of Basalt Island, will destroy the last, remaining view of world class natural scenery which is absent of any man-made structures;
3. The unique Sai Kung breath-taking natural scenery will definitely be destroyed by the wind farm;
4. The wind farm only produces less than 1% of annual electricity consumption of HK, the irreparable damage done to our invaluable geological heritage and natural scenery is unjustified for such minimal efficiency;
5. The EIA report not only neglected the adverse impact on geology, it has also not taken into account of the negative impact on hikers and nature lovers who seriously value the visual impact– one of the stakeholders;
6. Hong Kong has small area which is not suitable for building such large wind farm projects.
7. We support the initiatives to produce clean energy in HK and reduce air pollutants. However by damaging our environment in order to achieve some insignificant target figures is unjustified.