Reply To: CLP wind farm to impact southeast Hong Kong


I am sad to learn that 67 giant wind turbines are going to be erected at the most natural and beautiful waters of HK.

I am always proud of HK, being a crowded metropolitan city and yet is able to preserve 50% of its land as rural and many of them are wilderness, not a single trace being left by human infrastructure.

There are other better and more environmental friendly options to be used to reduce CO2 emission and develop renewable energy. Buying nuclear power from China, public education to change the lifestyle and habits can easily achieve 1-2 % of renewable energy target and save electricity consumption.

HK is too small, unlike UK or other countries. We do not have large area for building such concrete structures (>8m in diameter, >125m in height, total 67 turbines in a hugh cluster, taking away 15sq km of our precious sea area).

The joke is such massive project only produces < 1% of annual HK's electricity is extremely low in efficiency. Are we so silly to sacrifice HK's valuable nature because we want to demoinstrate that we are doing something to develop renewable energy? Such symbolic things is definitely NOT for HK due to its geographical limitation.Please don’t be fooled by the EIA report which is prepared according to CLP’s needs. At the end of the day, the hugh investment of over HKD 10 billion is going to be added to CLP asset which turns out to be an extremely good excuse for raising the electricity tariff which everyone of us will suffer in monetary term.The project is absolutely madness.Please stop stealing our nature in the name of developing renewable energy.