Reply To: HK weather weirder with warming; hot months etc


Just had another hot month (indeed, towards the end, temp reached over 38C at Waglan); comes during a dry year – without water supplies from China, we'd likely have major problems with water in Hong Kong.

From HK Observatory:

Under the prolonged dominance of the sub-tropical ridge, Hong Kong experienced one of the hottest August since records began in 1884.  The monthly mean temperature soared to 29.5 degrees, equaling the record set in 1990 and 1998 and was 1.1 degrees above normal.  The month was sunnier than usual.  The monthly total duration of bright sunshine was 242.0 hours, 52.3 hours higher than normal.  The month was also dry with a total rainfall of 157.6 millimetres, only 35 percent of the normal figure and the accumulated rainfall since 1 January of 1092.3 millimetres suffered a deficit of 42 percent compared to the normal figure of 1873.7 millimetres for the same period.