Reply To: Pui O on Lantau suffering Death by a Thousand Cuts


Helping show the damage and threats to Pui O are far from new, this is from a 2007 email by Professor Paul Harris [there’s surely earlier material, just not readily found online right now]

I am writing to express my concerns about the Revised Concept Plan for
Lantau. I am concerned about the plan itself, and I am very concerned
that HKSAR Government departments are already allowing the aims of the
plan to be undermined by ongoing and planned development and
construction on southern Lantau Island. Indeed, the concepts underlying
the plan are already being violated in countless ways. Let me provide
just a few contemporaneous examples.



During in the last fortnight alone, the so-called ‘Coastal Protection
Area’ for Pui O identified in the plan and specifically a designated
grove of mangrove trees in a tidal zone adjacent to Ham Tin Village are
being reclaimed at a rapid pace, mostly with building rubble and
rubbish, some of it clearly toxic as indicated by container labels.
(This reclamation has speeded up since a photo of the damage appeared
in the South China Morning Post a few weeks ago.) What is more, this
reclaimed land is being used to construct a large new multi-unit
village house. Any casual observe visiting Ham Tin can see the
destruction of wetland.