Aircraft carrier as artificial reef?

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    Idea from Charles Frew: From today’s SCMP I note that the selling of the ‘Minsk’ Aircraft Carrier in Shenzhen failed to attract a buyer. So how about we follow what Australia has done, and what Florida is going to do ( and get the Shenzhen Government to donate the carrier to the Hong Kong Marine Conservation Society and for it to be strategically sunk in a position that I have in mind for such a project. The value of a well planned artificial reef is enormous and if no one buys the decommissioned carrier the potential in cleaning and securing the ship for artificial reef status should be less expensive than scrapping it. It might also be the largest artificial reef sunk in the entire Asia Pacific region (excluding those sunk during acts of war). Considerations should also include: create economic windfall and a recreational attraction for the North east of Hong Kong waters, with the potential to attract marine tourism from all over the world; Create job opportunities for domestic niche tourism in Sai Kung (diving, fishing etc) Alternative Tourism to Mickey Mouse Safe wreck for HK’s growing dive industry (now numbering some 32 dive shops); Safe technical/wreck penetration diving site for growing specialist market; Secondary consideration would include artificial reef but all types of destructive fishing methods such as dynamite, trawling, gill netting, spearfishing etc would have to be banned. Need to somehow gather support from Marine Department, EPD etc The carrier can be seen from Sha Tau Kok if any of you are driving up to that area, you’ll need a clear day though. Any reporters considering a little story..worth a shot! CF Charles Frew, MSc Director Asiatic Marine Limited Hong Kong SAR

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