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    I’m wonder what is the best time to visit butterfly valley near Hong Kong. When there are as many species as possible and if it is safe for photographers to stay there ( I think about snakes, spiders , wild animals … ) Which place is the best for photographers? I did many photos of various butteflies in Poland – my gallery www [dot] and would like to visit place with exocit species now.

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    Hi Mark:

    I’m no butterfly expert; but butterfly valleys – where can get migratory butterflies in late autumn – should be best around November/December.

    If weather remains warm, can be good for fairly wide species variety, tho perhaps late in year for max nos (but if chill spell, seems that goodbye to various species).

    Fung Yuen, say, is a top spot to visit.

    Can be snakes, tho our dangerous ones mostly nocturnal; few animals. Not big issue, really.

    Range of accommodation in Hong Kong; even if in Kowloon, not far from wildlife sites



    Thanks Martin for Your replay.
    I think about visiting this part of world , may be Hong Kong may be Taiwan ?
    It is a pity that I ask now when the autumn is over…

    kind regards


    Hi Mark:

    Well, yes, a bit late with winter now here; but there’s always next year, and for many species good from spring on I believe (tho summer v hot n humid, and can be a lot of rain).

    Wonder if possible to combine HK with Taiwan.

    I’ll see if can get more expert comment here!



      There are still isolated valleys and uplands with seasonal butterflies, also thick forest has some excellent species almost year-round. A butterfly trip to HK should include Taiwan or China though, if that is the main purpose of the trip.
      Butterfly Valley in Kowloon is now the ‘proud’ owner of a covered reservoir, road, fly-over and government works buildings. So the renown valley, salivated over in turn of the century folios exists now in name only.

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