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      Dear HK Outdoors,

      First of all I would like to mention that I really like your website! As a foreigner and a tourist soon, I found a wealth of information on the non-shopping side of Hong Kong. Most of the information cannot be found in the Lonely planets. Your book cannot be found in the Netherlands.

      On my next holiday I will catch up with friends and family and stay for10-13 days at Sai Kung. As I have already hiked at the shopping malls in Hong Kong, this time I would like to focus on the wildlife of Hong Kong. We are in contact with ‘Kayak and Hike’ to arrange a full day package. But we will also hike ourselfs. I have printed all your articles to read on the plane and decide where to go to.

      We intend to explore Tai Long Wan and other interesting places. Most important highlights we visited earlier (big budha, HK Peak, Kowloon etc). After this visit I fell in love with the novells of James Clavell.
      However, where can I buy detailed maps of Hong Kong once arrived? I will use my old fashioned compas.

      Maybe we will see each other when our trails cross :)

      Thanks in advance!

      Regards, Ferry Spaan
      the Netherlands

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      Hi Ferry: Many thanks for the comment; great you like the site, and that you’re returning to HK to include plenty of hiking. A plug first: my Hong Kong Pathfinder book is available in several bookshops here. Then: there’s an excellent series of maps, in the Countryside Series, published by the HK Government (made by Lands Department). They’re in several shops; but can also find in government’s Murray Building, just below lower Peak Tram Station. Current map titles: Hong Kong Island & Neighbouring Islands Lantau Island & Neighbouring Islands North West New Territories North East & Central New Territories Sai Kung & Clear Water Bay Outlying Islands [though islands now covered in other, newer maps] page with info on the maps here: Hope you have a great time here! Martin

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