Cheung Chau Seafood Festival, Oct 2006

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    Cheung Chau is holding a seafood festival, starting today and set to last two weeks.

    This is part of HK Tourism Board promotion, Hong Kong Culinary Delights – Eat up the Culture! exclaims the TB on the website (I kid you not).

    Bring a coupon from a TB leaflet, and head to participating restaurant and you can get … drum roll please! … free local delicacy, fish balls. (happily, the TB hasn’t come up with slogan about balls, tho a few occur to me).

    Of course, if you come, hope you won’t go dining on rare reef fish and suchlike.

    Maybe, too, be leery of the fanciest looking seafood place, with horseshoe crabs etc in tanks (seeing sights like this, who’d figure this species is supposedly protected in Hong Kong?)

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